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The Israeli Association for Psychodrama (IAP) was established as professional body for psychodramatists in Israel who have completed accredited training programs and meet the association’s membership criteria.

IAP is a non-profit organization and is registered in the Registrar of Non-Profit Organizations in Israel, is legally supervised by a legislated lawyer and all its budget issues are monitored by an accredited accountant. In line with the regulations of the Registrar of Non-Profit Organizations, a General Assembly is held annually in which the IAP’s budget is presented, members vote on various issues and elect members into management roles . The structure of IAP’s management is compiled of the following roles:

Treasurer, Administrative Assistant, Chairperson of the Registration Committee, Chairperson of the Ethics Committee, Chairperson of the Legislation Committee, Chairperson of the Foreign Relations Committee, Chairperson of the Website Committee, Chairperson of the Audit Committee. The President and Vice President roles are appointed by the management among two of its elected memebers. 


Who Can Join the IAP ?

Registered  Member status: this status is awarded to individuals who have a bachelor’s degree, have graduated from a psychodrama training program recognized by IAP, including internship hours. Registered Members are eligible to participate in the annual General Assembly. For Israeli psychodrama training programs recognized by IAP

Associate status:  this status is awarded to any individual who is interested in psychodrama but do not meet the requirements of IAP. They are not eligible to participate in the annual General Assembly

Student status:  this status is awarded to individuals enrolled in a psychodrama training program recognized by IAP. 


Brief History

IAP was established in 1990 by the pioneers of psychodrama in Israel: Dr. Eliav Naharin, Dr. Einah Artzei, Mr. Yaakov Naor, Dr. Natan P. F. Kellermann, and  Mr. Oded Naveh who joined the founders later. The pioneers of psychodrama established the infrastructure for training as well as the processes for granting qualifing members IAP's status (i.e., credential) of a “Certified Psychodramatist” and a Psychodrama "Trainer, Educator and Practitioner" (TEP) .

Psychodrama was officially recognized in Israel in 1986, when the Health Professions Licensing Division of the Ministry of Health, which licenses professionals working in the legally recognized medical and paramedical health professions, begun regulating the distribution of Status Recognition Certifications for Psychodramatists as well as for Creative Arts Therapists (However, in 2004 this certification procedure  was  stopped until a statutory licensure will be established).

In 1995, IAP was accepted to the Federation of European Psychodrama Training Organization.


Mission Statement

The goals of the IAP are to:

  • Encourage and develop Psychodrama in Israel
  • Advocate for  Psychodrama in the state level to promote the profession’s status
  • Increase awareness among the general public of the contribution of Psychodrama to the fields of health, welfare, rehabilitation, education, and personal growth.
  • Determine standards for the qualification of Supervisor and “TEP”
  • Determine professional and ethical standards
  • Cooperate with international organizations related to Psychodrama
  • Create an open environment for all professionals interested in Psychodrama


Professional Development

To promote its mission, IAP conducts an annual national conference. These conferences occasionally included invited guests from abroad. In the past, IAP has had Prof. David Kipper, Dr. Melinda Meyer, and Mrs. Liz White as distinguished guests. In addition, seminars and professional meetings are held  along each year in which various clinical topics are addressed in a pscychodramatic-educational format by leaders in the field, for IAP members and the general public.

Over the years, Israel has held three international conferences in which Zerka Moreno, Marcia Karp and other world-known psychodramatists have participated.


In 1996, IAP hosted the International Conference for Psychodrama.

In 2000, Israel hosted a conference for IAGP (International Association for Group Psychotherapy, founded by J.L. Moreno).

In 2011, IAP hosted the FEPTO conference and annual meeting.

Office E-mail:  psychodrama.il@gmail.com

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